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60+ Lesson plans. 30+ Worksheets. Everything you need. A Full year of amazingly fun Elementary school lessons with a curriculum to follow, fully planned for you.

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10 any topic, any grade level games, a review Powerpoint for each grade, and more ALT tools  you’ll need for your next JHS apocalypse!

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Get your mind right is a short e-book all about helping you ensure your mindset is exactly where it needs to be to enjoy Japan to the fullest.

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Want to Work in Japan?


Great! Click below to learn more about out how we can help you get a job in Japan. Your time is best spent focusing on your job options, perfecting your resume & cover letter, and honing your interview skills.

So whether you need one final check before pushing "upload" on a job-hunting site, or a complete review of your behemoth JET application, we are here to help.

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