Announcing….the Japan Podast Network

As you may or may not know, there are MANY podcasts concerning Japan out there on the internets. My personal fave is the ALT Insider Podcast (Deep Voice Guy’s voice is just too good), but there are many choices out there, serving a variety of interests about life in Japan.


But with great choices, comes great inconvenience.


How can you keep track of all the great podcasts out there? Search on Google? Ask your friends? Start a subreddit about it? Ask your predecessor? Write a blog post about how Japan isn’t living up to your podcast listening expectations?


So annoying and time-consuming.


To solve this once-unsolvable problem, something new is here. Something that might change the internet as we know it (at least the Japan Podcast part of the internet).


That thing is…



Say hello to the brand new Japan Podcast Network!


After you pick up your jaw from the floor, read on for more about this beast.


The Ultimate Goal


We want to help as many people as possible find as many awesome podcasts about Japan as we can. It’s that simple.


The Line-up


The Network begins its life with three humble podcasts:


The ALT Insider Podcast

Hosted by me (james), this show drops knowledge all about working in Japan, being a better ALT, and what you can do in Japan AFTER your run of teaching English. Helping you have more fun in Japan since 2015.


Disrupting Japan

Disrupting Japan covers all aspects of the start-up world in Japan. It’s been hosted by Tim Romero for over three years. If you’ve ever wanted a window into the growing business world of Japan, this is your best and easiest chance.


Just Japan Podcast

With over 140 episodes, the JJP is our most diverse and prolific show. Host Kevin has been sharing info about almost every aspect of life in Japan, from finding your favorite (or a new favorite) beer, to dealing with the bite of Japan’s winter.


However, this by no means is a final line-up. We are already in contact with more ‘cast hosts, and we’ve have an online application for anyone who wants their podcast to be added. Like I said above, we want this to be the ultimate place for your Japan podcast-listening needs; three shows hardly covers all the bases we’re hoping to hit. We are excited about bringing in a number of new shows in the near future.


The Guarantee


While we do want to have a podcast for everyone, we don’t want just ANY podcast to be a part of this network. Our primary focus is on providing quality content for interested listeners. To that end, we have some requirements that every podcast needs to fulfill in order to be considered for membership. These requirements aren’t difficult; they’re simply designed as a first-pass barrier to make sure that we’re looking at quality podcasts from podcasters who take their podcasting seriously.


Those requirements are:


  • Japan is a central theme to your show.
  • Your show regularly exceeds 1,000 monthly listens.
  • You post a new show at least once a month
  • You have posted at least 25 total shows, with the most recent being released no more than a month prior to your application.
  • Your show does not contain excessively vulgar or lewd content.


These requirements are achievable by almost any show with effort and consistency over time. On top of that, if there’s a show-runner out there who matches most criteria and wants to join the network but isn’t hitting the sort of numbers we’re hoping for, we’ll work with them to help get it some exposure. We want every quality show creator to be able to have their show be a part of this network, which means more awesome stuff to listen to for listeners like you.


The Convenience


You know how annoying it is to subscribe to multiple podcasts at once and swipe and tap at your phone for hours? We thought so. To solve this problem we have created the intimidatingly-named “Master Feed,” which will make sure you never miss a show by any of our podcast network members. All of the Japan Podcast Network shows, in one place. Your commute will never lack for listening material again.



The Ending


So with that, the Japan Podcast Network is now officially born. Your task now, should you choose to accept it, is to check out the site and shows, and let us know what you think!


If you know of a show we need to check it out, or run a show yourself, we are always looking for new members. Send the information our way via this link.


Long live the Japan Podcast Network!