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My name is james, and this site is all about how YOU can have an amazing time working in Japan. Whether you need help landing a job, dealing with a tough class, or just getting the most out of your time in the country, this site is here to help you.

My Story in 70 words

Three years into my time in Japan, I was getting burned out and bitter. Why wasn't I having the experience I expected? Before giving up and heading home, I decided I was going to try to make FUN my priority in every aspect of my life. It turned out to be a great  decision. Now, I want to help as many people as possible do the exact  same thing.

(For a more detailed version of my story, click here.)

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your planning time

When I was I was a new ALT in Japan, planning was tough. I spent hours and hours, and nothing ever turned out as successfully as I had hoped. With these Yearly Elementary School Lesson Plans, your planning for the whole year will be completely DONE.


No more stress. No more worries. No more planning.


How are YOU going to spend your newfound free time?

giving you


Since many ALTs don't teach at elementary schools, I didn't want my support for people working in Japan to end with the lesson plans alone.

The's "Have More Fun Toolbox" has Anytime, Anywhere Games for Junior High School Classes, an eBook, a guide to learning Japanese, a guide on how to get work in translation and proofreading, and more.


your perspective


Weekly episodes delivered straight to your ears featuring interviews with people living in Japan, advice on living in Japan/teaching, and a whole lot more.


You can subscribe on iTunes right here, and your honest reviews are always welcome and appreciated. A proud member of the Japan Podcast Network.


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providing a



Regularly-updated, actionable content to help you have the time you were hoping for when you came to Japan.

Below is a sampling of what you can expect in each of the four different categories of content.


Outside the Classroom

getting you


Want to Work in Japan?


Great! Click below to learn more about out how we can help you get a job in Japan. Your time is best spent focusing on your job options, perfecting your resume & cover letter, and honing your interview skills.

So whether you need one final check before pushing "upload" on a job-hunting site, or a complete review of your behemoth JET application, we are here to help.

sharing the best



Sadly, can't do it all. The following are resources that I currently use or have used in the past to help me have more fun.


Whether its the webhost I use for this site (Bluehost), some great places to get lesson ideas, or the best place to buy meat in Japan, if I found it useful, it's mentioned below!


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Want to interact with other people currently living it up in Japan or working towards doing so in the future? Join the awesome people already having awesome discussions by clicking below. I'm also in there basically 24/7 so if you ever have a question for me, don't be a stranger.

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If you made it all the way down here, thanks again for checking out I sincerly hope it helps you have a bit more fun during your time in Japan.


My favorite part of this site is interacting with you. Sharing ideas, hearing stories, getting suggestions, I love it all.


I respond to every email (, Tweet, and Facebook message I receive, so if you ever have anything you want to share, or a question you want answered, I'd love to hear it. I can't wait to hear from you, and hopefully help you have more fun.

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