If you’ve reached this page, it’s because you’re interested in finding out what ways there are to support this site and podcast. So for starters, thanks! Thanks for thinking enough of this effort to come find out how you might be able to help me out. But keep in mind that one of the best ways to support ALT Insider is just to keep visiting, keep reading, keep listening, and keep being a part of my favorite ALT community on the web.


Now, if you’d like to go that extra mile to help keep this site growing and going strong, this page is for you. I’ve put together a list of a variety of options on ways to offer your support. They’re organized in order of how much value (I believe) you’ll get out of them. Thanks for your support in whichever method you choose.


Table of Contents (in Order of Value you get from contributing!)

        1. Purchase a Full Year of Elementary School Lesson Plans
        2. Purchase a JHS Survival Kit
        3. Buy my ALT eBook – name your price
        4. Become an ALT Insider affiliate
        5. Leave a review of the podcast on iTunes
        6. Help the community grow
        7. Use an ALT Insider affiliate link
        8. Contribute to the Site
        9. Donate


1. Purchase a Full Year of Elementary School Lesson Plans

I spent a full year and 100s of hours creating a 100% complete curriculum. It includes each lesson plan and all of the worksheets you need to teach each lesson from Hi, friends! 1 and Hi, friends! 2. You could hunt around the Internet for hours looking for this kind of content from unreliable or disreputable sources, and maybe find about half of what you’d need. Or, you can be ready for your entire year of ALT-ing by simply nabbing this turnkey solution. (More info)

2. Purchase a JHS Survival Kit


This kit includes 10 games you can use for your junior high school classes anytime, anywhere. It’s also got an end-of-the-year Powerpoint review game for each grade level! This is the perfect tool to bail you out when then JTE surprises you by giving you complete control of the class. Never be unprepared again! (More info)

3. Buy my ALT eBook – name your price


Before I had a website to share my thoughts on the ALT game (and life in Japan in general), I wrote this short eBook. The basis of the book is a list of things to keep in mind in your pursuit of having as much fun as possible while living in Japan. The book definitely has a specific focus on people who already are or will become ALTs.


Among the topics covered in the book are:

  • setting correct expectations,
  • the importance of learning Japanese,
  • the importance of making fun a priority during your time in the country,
  • and much more!


This book is available for the low price of whatever you want, so if you’re looking to help out the website and get some good content, this is a great way to do so at whatever level you want! (More info)

4. Become an ALT Insider affiliate


If you know others who might be interested in the ALT Insider Full Year of Elementary School Lesson Plans, you can refer them, and if they make a purchase, you’ll get paid! If you’d like to start referring people, or have any other questions, contact me directly: or @ALTInsiderFY

5. Leave a review of the podcast on iTunes


If you have a free minute or two, leaving an honest review of the ALT Insider Podcast would help out immensely. The way iTunes is set up, they use reviews as their gold standard, so having more reviews can really help the show grow. To everyone who’s already done this, I owe you a serious Internet fist bump. (Thanks!)

6. Help the community grow


The site has grown so much over the last year, and a lot of that is as a result of you guys and gals sharing the site with your friends and co-workers. For that growth to continue, I need more and more of your help. Keep sharing the site, keep showing your friends your favorite articles, and keep commenting and sending me emails. The more robust our community is, the more people will find the site and get involved.

7. Use an ALT Insider affiliate link

Using an ALT Insider affiliate link changes nothing for you, but provides the site with a small kickback if you ever make a purchase using that link. It’s a simple, hands-free way to support the site! If you want to do this, particularly with Amazon or White Rabbit, you can just re-set your bookmark, and you won’t even have to think about it when you visit those sites.


8. Contribute to

My goal is for this site to have as many ways to help ALTs have more fun in Japan as possible. To that end, having some articles, opinions, games, and ideas that aren’t mine would be a great way to make sure that happens. So if you’d like to contribute, I’d love to share your stuff on this very site.


Here’s the link to the details.

9. Donate

Last on the list is a straight-up donation. Any cash infusions will go towards keeping the servers running, the editor paid, and the heart beating. It also means you’re a kick-ass person who wants as many people as possible to have fun in Japan. *hug* Click the link below, kind soul.



Thanks for just making it down here. You rock. Now go have more fun!