The Interac Rap

November 6, 2017 Outside the Classroom

Last week someone sent me a note on Twitter about Interac employees being assigned homework regarding something known as “The Interac Rap”.


Obviously this piqued my interest. I didn’t know if this person was telling me the truth or not, but I knew I had to investigate. I Googled around and didn’t find anything, so I decided to get more proactive and ask the hivemind on the great /r/teachinginjapan subreddit.


I didn’t get any answers, but the post ended up getting reported multiple times to the moderators. Why the reports? What was the bureaucracy trying to hide? Had I stumbled upon a massive conspiracy? I had to know. I stepped up my efforts.


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I myself had worked at Interac for 5ish years, so I reached out to some of my old contacts about this mysterious rap. All of them said that they hadn’t heard about it. How extensive was this conspiracy? I tracked down some people who work with Interac on Facebook, and they too claimed that they had heard nothing about it. I was losing hope.


Then, after I had all but given up hope, I received an unexpected email with an image attachment.




While I would have preferred video evidence, the attachment was a clearly official document containing the lyrics to…


The Interac Rap


Obviously the question becomes, “Is this real?” Hey, I asked that myself. It wouldn’t be the first time the internet provided a troll. But consider the evidence below:

  • Stock photo with credit given
  • Grammatical Error
  • CD on which the rap is located is listed at the bottom
  • All of Interac’s key phrases are touched upon.



I tested it out at home, and truth be told, it’s actually not horrible. It somehow manages to include all of the key words and phrases that Interac loves to hit on with employees (interaction, the 3 P’s, etc.), and it pretty much rhymes correctly. It’s not Gangster’s Paradise, but the song being good would be far more surprising than it being bad.


The real question for me is, who is this song for?


No current or future teacher is going to get excited to learn about Interac’s policies by reading through a “rap.” They aren’t children after all. Is there anything here that a document or email couldn’t convey in a more professional and effective way?


The only other use I can think of would be to share this “rap” with the individual schools to help them learn what Interac is all about. Then again, school administrators aren’t children either. I just don’t see where this message finds an appropriate target audience.


In any case, it is an interesting document for sure. I want to give a sincere thank you to whomever sent this to me. If nothing else, it’s a compelling and interesting piece of ALT industry lore to have on the site.


If anyone from Interac wants to shed more light on this, anonymously or not, feel free to send me an email here – >


Until next time, thanks for reading and be sure to Interact; it’s about interaction after all. 🙂

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