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Lesson plans, games, guides, tools and services all designed to help you have more fun working in Japan.

60+ Lesson plans. 30+ Worksheets. Everything you need. A full year of amazingly fun elementary school lessons with a curriculum to follow, fully planned out for you! Follows Hi Friends! 1+2. Why are you still planning?


The JET Pack is a collection of tools to help you have more fun during your time in Japan, whether it's your first year or your 10th year. A full year of elementary school lesson plans, JHS activities for any topic, an ALT ebook, and more! Check it out here.

Ten games you can use for any topic, any grade level. The kit also includes a review PowerPoint presentation for each grade, as well as more ALT tools  you’ll need for your next JHS apocalypse! Be prepared!

To fully enjoy Japan, you’re going to want to know some Japanese. Here’s how to start and continue on your Japanese learning journey. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

Being a freelance translator in Japan is a pretty sweet deal. Here’s how to get started making some money using your hard earned Japanese skills. Good Luck.


Get Your Mind Right is a short ebook about how to ensure your mindset is where it needs to be for you to enjoy Japan to the fullest. Basically, it's the whole philophosy of this website in book form. Read it here.

From choosing what job is right for you, to packing for the start of your journey in Japan, this guide will help you every step of the way.

A prepared ALT is a professional ALT. Stay professional and keep your freedom to do things your way at your schools.

Whether you need one final check before pushing "upload" on a job-hunting site, or help writing the first line of your resume, we are here to help.  

If you need someone to run a fun, meaningful, and valuable for everyone ALT meeting, or just need help planning your own, send me an email at and let's talk about it.

If you need some one-on-one time to discuss an important lesson coming up, a tough class or other issue, send me an email at and let's set up a Skype-call to discuss things.

Last Minute Games are tailor-made for those times when you need a game for your next class, and don't have time to prepare for it. No matter your grade level, click here and go have a fun class.

Need a website made? Want your current one to be responsive to mobile? Need help starting a podcast? I'd love to help. My portfolio is this site you are currently looking at, so if you think my services would be of help, let me know!

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